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pal也是朋友,但是比较口语话,pen pal是专有名词,就像中文说笔友而不说笔伙伴一样,都是历来的。

.My pen pal I have a pen pal.Her name is Nancy.She comes from England.She is 13 years old.She can speak English and a little French.She is a good student.Her favorite subjects are math,history.She thinks China is a beautiful co...


My pen pal I have a pen pal.Her name is Marry. She is 14 years old this year. She is a lovely girl. And she is from Australia.There are 3 people in her family, her parents are both workers. She has many hobbies,her favourite sp...

初一英语下第一单元头一句:Where is your pen pal from?你的笔友从哪来

两个单词,具体意思如下: pen pal 英 [pen pæl] 美 [pɛn pæl] n.笔友 pen英 [pen] 美 [pɛn] n.笔,笔尖;笔法,文笔;作家;围栏 vt.写;把…关入栏中;关押,囚禁 pal 英 [pæl] 美 [pæl] n.朋友;老兄,兄弟;小子;(对...

what a good pen pal! 多好的一个笔友埃 真好的笔友啊!


点log in 登陆后 点击大大的椭圆 penpal world 后 有 My profile My Picture My messages My Friends My Comments My Hot List 英语聊天的话 应该英语还好吧?? My Friends里是你的好友添加好友是在find pen pals 里的 Simple Search 就可以了 ...

This is my pen pal I have learned English for six years and I have learned it by myself all the time.I want to look for a pen pal,but it's difficult to find a suitable candidate.I think my pen pal should be a pretty, learned, b...

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